Frequently Asked Questions




How do I know they're really going to work?

Each of our products has been developed to cover the genetic needs of 5 profiles associated with the wear and aging of the skin, so when using your serum TWO22 helps your skin to be regenerated in a natural way. However if you want a more specialized treatment we recommend you do the DNA test TWO22, with it PODREMSO give you important information about your aging profile and the particular needs of your skin, so you can select the kit serum specific for your genetic profile


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Are there any branches of TWO22?

No, at the moment you can only buy our test and products through our website or directly in our laboratory in Cuernavaca.

How does the DNA test work?

With a small scrape of the inside of your cheek with our DNA collector we get enough information to determine your genetic profile, the process to collect your DNA can do it in the comfort of your home, is simple and does not cause any inconvenience.


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What happens to my genetic information?

Your information is confidential and is not given any other use than analyzing the profile of your skin. Once you have developed the analysis and your serum, the information is stored safely and only consulted when you require new serum.

What are genetic profiles?

Your genetic profile is the set of characteristics that determine the functioning of your body, in this case your skin, based on your DNA.

How natural are the products?

Proudly all our serum are elaborated 100% with natural products from plants, minerals and probiotics, so they are kind to your skin and friendly to the environment. They are also free of animal cruelty and fully crafted through Fair trade.